Hyperbaric Facility and Chamber Installation

O2 Health Lab provides Hyperbaric Chamber installations in Medical Facilities, Physician’s Offices or in Residences in the Western United States.
As an adjunctive therapy, Hyperbaric Chambers can provide better patient outcomes, add a new revenue stream and increase in patient load.
With over 40 years of experience, our team provides Turn-Key services including
  • Sourcing and purchasing of equipment
  • Designing and installing systems
  • Inspecting chambers for service
  • Training on use
  • Providing ongoing maintenance
O2 Health Lab provides a variety of Monoplace or Multiplace hardshell medical-grade chambers with complete system of breathing air compressors, filters, air-receivers, and oxygen systems. Manufacturers include Sechrist, Hyox, Baramed and Reimers Systems. We have an extensive relationships with Manufacturers and Resellers of hyperbaric oxygen chambers and the related auxiliary equipment to build out a Clinic, Facility or Office.
Our team has installed over 100 Hyperbaric Chambers and built out clinics in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada.

Sechrist Manufacturer

Hyox Manufacturer

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