Newport Beach Med Spa, CA

O2 Health Lab in Newport Beach, CA,  is the premier destination for medical and wellness therapies that have proven to help you look and feel younger from the inside out. We offer cutting-edge, innovative treatments such as Biohacking technology, wellness therapies, cryotherapy, and hyperbaric therapy.

We combine the newest, most innovative healthcare technology with traditional beauty treatments to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Our medical spa in Newport Beach has pioneered medical spa treatments focusing on innovative treatments that are tailored to your specific need and medical conditions.

Health is a choice, not a destination at O2 Health Lab Med Spa in Newport Beach, CA

Discover a brighter future with O2 Health Lab at our Newport Beach location. We provide innovative medical spa treatments that result in a more youthful appearance. With state-of-the-art biohacking technology, wellness therapies, and cutting-edge treatments such as cryotherapy and hyperbaric therapy, we offer a brighter future to those looking to reverse the signs of aging, recovery from surgery and improve athletic performance.

“People could not believe that I was getting a full range of motion on a complete biceps tear within three weeks.”

Joe GulianiTorn Biceps, HBOT Client

“Without hyperbaric therapy I would not be training this hard, I would not be able to recover as quickly and feel as fresh as I do on a daily basis.”

Sally McRaeProfessional Ultramarathon Runner



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