Cognitive Performance Evaluation

Developed by the Nobel Laureate Scientist, who invented the Pulse Oximeter, the WAVi Brain Scan is revolutionary technology that measures the brain’s electrical activity via EEG, or electroencephalography. WAVi headset tracks both auditory and visual ERP’s (event-related potentials) to accurately measure brain performance and reactiveness. Using heart rate variability, the gold standard in terms of measuring the autonomic nervous system, WAVi can also analyze the synchronicity of heart and brain frequencies.

WAVi makes it possible for those who are proactively improving brain health to measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

WAVi Research

Headquartered out of Nobel Laureate Tom Cech’s Biofrontiers Institute at the University of Colorado, WAVi Research has created and analyzed data sets that include:

  • Pre-symptom Alzheimer’s
  • A 6-year longitudinal concussion study on NCAA athletes
  • Studies on hearing loss
  • Mental function correlations between heart and brain health
  • The effects of interventions on brain performance, including the effects of ADHD medication

Recently, WAVi has been awarded an NIH grant to study acute pain and opioid abuse.

Curious About the State of your Brain?

  • Track how O2 treatments, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle can change the performance of the brain.

  • Integrate Brain and Body Wellness

  • Wellbeing Starts with the Brain


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